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France :- Bonnetable

France :- Bonnetable

France :- Bonnetable

Photograph: John Tolson (JT-108-12A)
26/10/2015 from Max Birchenough
Hawthorne Leslie saddle tank somewhere in France?
29/10/2015 from Pete Stamper
location: Stourbridge
This loco is a Bagnall not Hawthorn Leslie. Could be quite a late one judging by the size of the works plate
30/10/2015 from Max Birchenough
Bagnall, of course, but I don't think it's Stourbridge. Look at frame 14A, where this engine appears in the background of a French Autorail. The building here looks rather French as well.
30/10/2015 from Dave Wilkinson
location: France :- Bonnetable
Bagnall 2014/1917 , Transvap 1982 "Alice". this is shown to the left ? in photograph JT-108-14A
06/11/2015 from Pete Stamper
location: France :- Bonnetable
This Bagnall2064/1917 , one of two identical locos delivered to Schneider Cie Dp, Usinr deu Creusot, France. 3' 6.5" wheels and 14x20 cylinders. Sorry about Stourbridge location error.
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