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France :- Bonnetable

France :- Bonnetable

Lenton Station

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (66-76-26A)
04/11/2011 from Max Birchenough
Is this Basford again, or somewhere near it? That's a Midland signal anyway.
04/11/2011 from KC
location: Lenton station
I'll suggest this is somewhere not seen before in these photos - the site of Lenton MR station on the Leen Valley line. It was the first station after turning north at Mansfield Junction, coming before Radford, and one of the first to close (I've seen 1911 and 1915 mentioned). This photo is taken from Faraday Road near its junction with Derby Road - Derby Road is the bridge in the distance, and we are looking roughly south east. The flat concrete area in the foreground - and the slight border on the edge of it - still exist and can be seen on Streetview.
04/11/2011 from Graham Jelly
location: Lenton station
I was torn between this location and just south of Radford Station, there being only two choices due to the road being a trolleybus route. But agree this looks more like Lenton.
04/11/2011 from Frank Berridge
location: Lenton Station
1830 SX Kirkby in Ashfield-Nottingham Empty DMU 30/4/65. Leicester based Cravens 2 car set; see 66-74-36A notes for info on this working.
04/11/2011 from Richard Allen ILkeston
Is that Abbey Bridge at Lenton in the background? there was a goods line between Radford Station and Abbey bridge. In this area there was a siding for Raleigh Industries but i cannot remember the semaphore signals.
04/11/2011 from KC
I don't think it is Abbey Bridge. The factory on the right and the two-chimney house don't seem to fit in that location. Also, Abbey Bridge has a number of arches either side of the running line; it doesn't have the solid brick wall seen above the end of the DMU. Bing Maps - Birdseye - shows a much more open structure.
04/11/2011 from Graham Jelly
location: Lenton Station
This cannot be Abbey Bridge as that was not a trolleybus route.
05/11/2011 from Frank Berridge
location: Lenton Station
The flat area in the foreground was a tipping dock for loading scrap from Raleigh Cycles whose factory was nearby. The empty wagons next to it waiting loading are standing on Raleigh Siding which was connected to the adjacent Up Goods Line and worked by a ground frame. This was protected by the stop signal shown in the photo; the Distant was for Lenton North Junction. The DMU is travelling on the Up Main line.
15/11/2011 from Brian Pask
Lenton closed 1/7/11 according to Quick.
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