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New Mills Tunnel End

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (Y-71-10)
30/03/2011 from Sam Green
Midland railway style `box and nameboard. Does it say New Mills Tunnel End?
30/03/2011 from Sam Green
Driver either collecting or giving up token for single line. To/from where?
30/03/2011 from Sam Green
Actually the line on the left looks disused! So train must be coming off single line!
30/03/2011 from Tony Walmsley
Gloucester RCW dmu (class 100). Longsight depot had ten of these units for many years
30/03/2011 from John Morgan
location: New Mills Tunnel End
Yes, New Mills Tunnel End. Just outside the tunnel, on the Hayfield branch (which was joint Midland and GCR, I think).
30/03/2011 from Mike Christensen
This is a down direction train, coming off the single line from Hayfield. The branch and this box closed 5/1/1970. Unusually the tablets did not give the names of the boxes at either end of the section - they were simply engraved "Hayfield Branch". The line on the left ended in a short siding.
30/03/2011 from Bevan Price
There is a photo of this location (plus many others on the Manchester - New Mills - Hayfield line) in the Foxline book on this line. The viewpoint was Church Lane bridge, just outside the tunnel. The large buildings on the left were owned by Dilworth & Morris engineering company. According to the book, the line on the left was classified as a "Lie-Bye Siding", although in earlier times it had also served another factory located near the overbridge visible beyond the footbridge.
30/03/2011 from Mike Finbow
Rather confusingly New Mills Tunnel End box was 300 yards from the tunnel itself as can be seen from Y-71-14 which was taken from the overbridge just preceding the tunnel.
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