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Penhelig Halt

Photograph: Courtney Haydon Collection (66-56-18)
07/10/2011 from Mal Hammond
location: Penhelig Halt
Penhelig Halt looking east towards the road tunnel.
07/10/2011 from Andrew
Location Penhelig.... Penhelig Halt and the west portal of Penhelig Tunnel beyond.
07/10/2011 from Max Birchenough
location: Penhelig
Looking south, with no. 3 tunnel ahead.
07/10/2011 from Mike Christensen
Note that at this late date the halt seems to have resident staff
12/10/2016 from David Hull
location: Penhelig Halt
According to Rear and Williams "The Cambrian Coast Railway" isbn 1-870119-03-7 Photos 15-17 and text the "lean to" cubicle by which the railwayman is standing was for staff use. In the early days the halt was staffed for part of the day in high summer. This photo suggests the early days lasted until the diesel age, ie mid 1960s on the Cambrian Coast. Recent photos in t'internet show the lean to is still there, but appears to have lost its external door. Does anyone know it it has been joined up inside the building?
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