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   Accident at LNW Junction, Derby in August 1954   Patrick Webb

This shows the situation sometime after the photograph which gave rise to Q14.20, and by which time the cab is festooned with a cutting torch and gas hoses, partly obscuring the number, which is almost certainly 44853. See the answer to Q14.20 in the list below for more comprehensive details.

March 2019

Q19.01. LNWR Locomotive Allocations
What is known about them?
Q19.02.Merrymaker to Tenby 1970s
What route would have been taken?
Q19.03.Motorail Train headed by a Brake Tender
What were the locomotives involved?

February 2019

QX19.01. GWR Tenders
Is there a list of GWR tender numbers?
Partial Answer

December 2018

Q18.10. J94 0-6-0ST Assigned as Route Restriction 5
Which J94s were affected?
Q18.11. Royal Journeys to Sandringham
What were the changes?
Q18.12. Class 08s Fitted to be used as Generators
Were any Locos so Equipped?

April 2018

Q18.07. Lakes Express 1960-62
What was the motive power?
Q18.08. York - Banbury 1960-62
What were the DMUs?
QX18.01. York - Swansea Victoria 1943-45
What was the route?
Q18.09. The Last RCTS S&D Special
What was the coaching stock used?

March 2018

Q18.05. Class J39 0-6-0s at Cricklewood
Why were they there?
Q18.06. Excursion to Blackpool North 1978.
What was the motive power?

February 2018

Q18.03. Ian Allan Pennine Pullman Railtour 1956
What were the Pullman coaches?
Q18.04. Ian Allan Outings from the Southampton Area 1952-53.
What was the route taken?

January 2018

Q18.01. Where is this?
Where was the photograph taken?
Q18.02. Last Day Coaching Stock Grimsby – Kings Cross
What was the coaching stock used?

November 2017

Q17.08. Felixstowe Station Track Diagram
What was the 1950s track layout?
QX17.03. Viscount Garnock
What was his History?

September 2017

Q17.07. Coach at Threlkeld
Can anyone provide information on the identity and history of the coach in the photograph?
Part Answer

June 2017

Q17.04.Patriots at Nuneaton
Which were used in the early 1960s
Q17.05.Welham Sidings
What were they used for?
Q17.06. L&YR Locomotive Works Site Proposals.
What sites wre considered?
Q17X.02. GWR Duke 4-4-0 9083 COMET
Are thre any photos taken at St Phillips Marsh in 1950?

April 2017

Q17.03. Locomotive Stabling Point at Llandudno. .
What were the uses?

March 2017

QX17.01. Locos used Between St Pancras and Sheffield.
What classes were used?

January 2017

Q17.01. Carriage on the Eyemouth Branch
What was the identity?
Q17.02. Troop Train Route Cardington to Bridgenorth
What was the route?

December 2016

QX16.03. Coach PENDRAGON
What were its uses?
QX16.04. Willesden Junction Station
When were the low level dc lines extended south?

October 2016

QX16.01. Last train on the Taunton - Barnstaple Line
What was the locomotive?
QX16.02. Peak Class at Manchester Picadilly 1976-7
Which locomotives were used?

September 2016

Q16.18. Damage to Class 47 47324
What was the incident?

August 2016

Q16.16. Railway Acts of Parliament
What happened to the RCTS Information?
Q16.17. Kings's Lynn Station
Were further stations given similar treatment?

July 2016

Q16.15. GWR Receiving Offices
Why were some off the GWR?

May 2016

Q16.13. Damaged Diesels (and Electrics) Part IV
What was the incident?
Q16.14. Damaged Class 31s
What was the incident?

April 2016

Q16.09. BR 9F 2-10-0s on the Somerset & Dorset
Which locomotives were used?
Q16.10. Class 76 at Penistone Marshalling Yard Christmas 1980
Which locomotive could it have been?
Q16.11. Peterborough New England Depot known as Bungett.
What was the origin?
Q16.12. Damaged Diesel Locomotives Part III
What was the incident?

March 2016

Q16.06 Southern Electric Locomotives 20001-20003 Allocations 1948-1950
What were the allocations?
Q16.07 Southern Railway Non-steam Proposals.
Where was the magazine article discussing this?
Q16.08 Accident-damaged Diesel Locomotives
What were the incidents?

Febnuary 2016

Q16.03. Locomotive oo the Last Plymouth -- Eastleigh Through Train
Which Warship was on this train?
Q16.04.Accident Damaged Diesel Locomotives.
What were the incidents?
Q16.05. TOPS Numbered Diesel Locomotives
Are there photographs?

January 2016

Q16.02. Cravens DMU Class 105 MBS E50249
What was the history of this vehicle?

December 2015

Q15.15 Newquay - Wolverhampton Train 1966
What worked the 11.22 Newquay -Wolverhampton on 6th August 1966?
Q15.16 Great Malvern Station Clock Tower
When was this demolished?
Q15.17 GWR Manor Class on the Cambrian
Why was the proposal to introduce the Grange class not proceeded with?

June 2016

Q16.14. Damaged Class 31s
What were the incidents?

September 2015

Q15.09 North Wales Line Locomotives 1965-66
What locomotives were being used?
Contact estabished with local knowledge
Q15.10. Last Use of Vacuum Brake
What was the last main line vacuum braked passenger service?
Q15.11. Cross Border Line Belgium - France
What is the history of the line at De Panne?
Q15.12. Petts Wood and WW2 Operation Dynamo
Was Petts Wood involved in this?
Q15.13. Crossley Evans of Shipley
When did the scrap service to Cardiff Tidal cease?
QX15.03. John Player Excursion Trains in the 1940s
When and where did they run?

June 2015

Q15.04. Lingfield Lane Signal Box, Darlington
Information on the dates of opening and closing and hours of opening are sought
2 Answers
Q15.05. A4s on the Settle & Carlisle in the 1960s
Were A4s regular performers on this line?
Q15.06. Llanwrst North Station Renaming to North Llanwrst
When did this occur?
Q15.07. Steam Locomotive Working from Bristol 4th July 1964
What was the Locomotive?
Q15.08. Class 40s on 17.15 Colchester - Glasgow Queen Street
When did the use of Class 40s on this working cease?
QX15.01. Southampton - Waterloo Boat Train 1966
What worked the 09.31 from Southampton on 6th September 1966?

January 2015

Q15.01. Locomotive Failure on the Queen of Scots Pullman
What was the Locomotive that failed?
Q15.02. Cricket St Thomas 15 inch gauge Railway
What was the history of this railway?
Q15.03. Junctions South of Tulse Hill Station
What were their names?

November 2014

Q14.25. Ex-NSB Di8 Diesels imported for use at SSI, Lackenby.
Details sought
Q14.26. Ex BR Class 14s at Corby.
Details of locomotives in 1973 sought
Q14.27. Steam Hauled Trains at Mallaig.
When where two there at the same time?
Q14.28. 78000 Swindon Works Overhaul 1961.
When was this?
Q14.29. GWR Castle Class Locomotive Names.
Details of provisional names sought
QX14.07. St Quintin Park & Wormwood Scrubbs Station.
Photographs sought
QX14.08. Bristol - Gloucester Last Day 2nd January 1965.
What worked the last trains?

September 2014

Q14.14. Locomotive Buried at Wembley Exhibition Site?
Is it true?
Q14.15. Routing of Trains Between Stalybridge and Stockport.
Details sought of the routing of the Shrewsbury-York mail c.1976
2 Answers
Q14.16. Shed Visit Tour Loughborough to Swindon in 1960.
Records sought
1 Answer
Q14.17. Minutes Lost in Railway Incidents Causing Delays to Trains.
How are they collected?
Q14.18. Collision at Coventry Station.
Details sought
1 Answer
Q14.19. West Coast Pendolino Formations.
Complete record sought
Q14.20. Stanier LMS Class 5 in Accident in 1954.
Details sought
1 Answer
Q14.21. Imported Finnish Steam Locomotives.
What happened to them?
Is being answered in RO articles starting January 2015
Q14.22. Last Great Central Route Through Train.
Which locomotives hauled this?
1 Answer
Q14.23. Delivery of Externally Built LMS Locomotives.
How where the Black Fives built at Darlington delivered?
Q14.24. Steam Double-Heading on the Western Region.
Why was the pilot loco worked inside?
3 Answers
QX14.05. Easton Station Isle of Portland
Photographs and/or drawings of the goods shed sought
QX14.06. ECS Working from Eastleigh to Crewe.
Is a list of coach numbers available?

July 2014

Q14.08. Long Surviving and Unusual Liveries
what was the longest survivour?
Q14.09. LBSCR K Class Moguls at Guildford.
Information sought
Q14.10. GER and MNGR Connections. How did the B12 get to Stratford Works?
Q14.11. D6704 2nd East Anglian Regiment
What was the background to it's (non-)naming
Q14.12. EMU 321427 Major Tim Warr
What happened to the nameplates?
1 Answer
Q14.13. USSR Wagon Numbering.
Is a list of types available?
QX.14.03. Locomotives Stored at Carnforth
List of stored locomotives sought
1 Answer
QX14.04. RCTS Railtour at Halifax St Pauls?
What was the last passenger train to Halifax St Pauls?

March 2014

Q14.05. East Anglian Route Connections
Information on the use and dates of opening and closing of two route connections are sought
Q14.06. GWR Manor Class Allocations.
Details prior to 1948 sought
Q14.07. Wepre Level Crossing, Shotton/Connah's Quay.
Photograph sought

February 2014

Q14.03. Travelling College.
Details sought
1 Answer
Q14.04. Wheel Tappers.
How were they organised?

January 2014

Q14.01. White Circle and White Diamond Headcode
What did it indicate?
1 Answer
Q14.02. Withdrawn DMU Coaches.
What was the fate of 52209
3 Answers
QX14.01. Eastleigh to Waterloo 1965
Loco records for a journey on 27th August sought
QX14.02. North Yorkshire & Cleveland Railway
Photographs sought

December 2013

Q13.32. Grounded Railway Coach at Calstock
Information sought
1 Answer
Q13.33. Locomotives at London Sheds in October 1961
Are shed lists available?
Lists supplied
Q13.34. LTSR 4-4-2T Thundersley
Why was this at Carnforth in May 1967?
1 Answer

November 2013

Q13.30. Royal Scots on the Settle & Carlisle in Wartime
When was the first working?
1 Comment
Q13.31. General Utility Van at SRPS Bo’ness
Where was this built?

October 2013

Q13.26. Waterloo to Waterloo East
How was this used?
3 Answers
Q13.27. History of the Kahlenberg Zahnradbahn (Vienna)
Information sought
1 Answer
Q13.28. Last Locomotives Bearing Pre-nationalisation Company Labelling
How long did they last?
4 Answers
Q13.29. Building in Aber Junction Sidings
What was its purpose?

August 2013

Q13.24. Glasgow Sheds and Works April 1962.
Where was 45665 Lord Rutherford of Nelson in April 1962
1 Answer
Q13.25. Monument Lane Compounds.
What did they do in the Summer of 1958?
1 Answer

July 2013

Q13.21. Eurostar Destination Distances
Details sought
1 Answer
Q13.22. Western Region 75000 4-6-0 Double Chimney Fitting.
Dates sought
2 Answers
Q13.23. Traversers at Passenger Stations.
Which stations had them?
2 Answers
QX13.06. Otterham Signal Box
Photographs sought
QX13.07. Industrial Shunter at the Heritage Shunter Trust, Rowsley.
What is the history of this loco?
2 Answers

June 2013

Q13.17. LNER Class O6 Stanier 8F 2-8-0 Works Plates.
Details sought
1 Answer
Q13.18. Luton Football Specials.
Details sought of specials 1969-72
Q13.19. North London Railway Signal Boxes in Millwall and Poplar Docks.
Confirmation of names and locations sought
Q13.20. LMS Compounds.
Where did No. 936's high sided tender come from?
1 Answer
QX.13.04. Ex-B R North British 0-4-0 Diesel shunter D2777.
Photographs sought
QX13.05. GWR Locomotive Works Numbers
When did the GWR cease using these, and why?
1 Answer

May 2013

Q13.13. Bridge Numbers on Halifax High Level Railway.
Which bridge was No. 9?
1 Answer
Q13.14. Allocations of Stanier Three Cylinder 2-6-4Ts in the Second World War.
Details sough
4 Answers
Q13.15. NCB Locomotives at Mountain Ash.
Details and photographs sought
1 Answer
Q13.16. Milk Tankers at Hemyock.
How did the locomotive run round?
2 Answers
QX13.02. GWR 2952 Twineham Court.
What is the connection between "Twineham Court" and the GWR?
QX13.03. Major derailment at Lugton (ScR) c1966.
When was this?

March 2013

Q13.08. Fort William-Mallaig Mixed Train.
Was this the country's last one?
3 Answers
Q13.09. Penmere Halt/Platform on the GWR Falmouth Branch.
Details of the track layout at Penmere sought
3 Answers
Q13.10. King Class Locomotive on the Falmouth Branch.
Did this ever happen?
2 Answers
Q13.11. GWR 1400 Class 0-4-2Ts at Aylesbury Sub Shed.
Details of operations sought
2 Answers
Q13.12. Special Trains for Luton Town FC in 1959.
Details sought
2 Answers

February 2013

Q13.03. BR 76000 Series 2-6-0s.
When did the tender cab sheet gain larger windows?
Q13.04. SNCF Locomotives Used Through the Channel Tunnel.
What is their current status?
2 Answers
Q13.05. Stored 78000s at Toton Shed.
Did they work in the area before storage?
Q13.06. Services through South Gosford Station.
Did a passenger service run to Ponteland?
3 Answers
Q13.07. Western Region Coach Lettering on “Jumbo-Trains”.
Details sought

January 2013

Q13.01. Coaching Stock at Sinderby
Details sought
2 Answers
Q13.02. 34001 Exeter on Royal Train at Micheldever.
Date and any further information sought
QX13.01. Leicester - 1980s passenger train formations
Details sought
1 Answer


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