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   Accident at LNW Junction, Derby in August 1954   Patrick Webb

This shows the situation sometime after the photograph which gave rise to Q14.20, and by which time the cab is festooned with a cutting torch and gas hoses, partly obscuring the number, which is almost certainly 44853. See the answer to Q14.20 in the list below for more comprehensive details.

December 2010

Q10.47. GWR boiler practice.
How did they refurnish the tubes?
1 Answer
Q10.48. Records from guards’ journals at Plymouth
Do Henry W Adams' records still exist?

November 2010

QX10.01 Hadley Wood Widening
Information is sought about an article thought to have appeared in the RO
Q10.39 J36 on NER Allendale Branch
Seeking information on J36s working the branch to Allendale
1 Answer
Q10.40 Clun Castle Rail tour on 27th March 1965
Route details around Northamptonshire requested
5 Answers
Q10.41 Cl.10 Locomotives exported to Guinea
Details of D3639 and D3649's movements sought
Q10.42 Locomotive on the 08.00 Newquay to Manchester 4th July 1964
Which steam locomotive took over from Bristol?
Q10.43 Woodford Halse/Banbury
Details of working in 1961 sought
5 Answers
Q10.44 Wednesbury/Darlaston Branch
Details of signalling and layout sought
Q10.45 Bradford and Poole train service
Routing details sought
2 Answers
Q10.46 Old Rule Books and Rule 161; Ladies travelling alone
Details of the origin of Rule 161 sought
2 Answers
C10.03 Pre nationalisation passenger carrying coaches in blue and grey
correspondence sought

October 2010

Q10.31 Clyde Coast Express
Does anyone have any information on the Clyde Coast Express which is thought to have run in March/April 1975?
1 Answer
Q10.32 RCTS Book Raising Steam on The LMS
Fig 136 drawing is missing. Has the missing drawing appeared anywhere?
Q10.33 Disused Line in Caithness
Between Keiss and Reiss, North of Wick, lie a comprehensive set of sidings
5 Answers
Q10.34 LTSR Baltics Proposed Names
Robert Harben Whitelegg said that he wanted to name these engines in 1912 after the then (1912) past and current directors of the company.
Q10.35 LB&SCR A1/A1X Names
Can anyone supply the original names?
1 Answer
Q10.36 Locomotive Testing Plants
When the idea of a National Locomotive Testing facility was being actively explored by the LNER and LMS in the 1930’s, did they try to obtain support of the GWR?
1 Answer
Q10.37 War Department (First World War) Series 2xx Locomotives
The WD used a number of locomotives weighing 18 tonnes on one or more of VFIL lines during 1917 and 1918. More information is sought
3 Answers
Q10.38 Preserved Austerity 0-6-0ST 68081
What is the history and real identity of this locomotive?
1 Answer

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