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   Accident at LNW Junction, Derby in August 1954   Patrick Webb

This shows the situation sometime after the photograph which gave rise to Q14.20, and by which time the cab is festooned with a cutting torch and gas hoses, partly obscuring the number, which is almost certainly 44853. See the answer to Q14.20 in the list below for more comprehensive details.

December 2011

Q11.35 LNER cl.J67 0-6-0Ts at Northwich and Trafford Park
What were they used for an Northwich?
1 Answer
Q11.36. LMS Compound 4-4-0s in London
When did they last appear in the ex LNWR London area?

November 2011

Q11.29. Southern Region locomotive numbering
Why was this not reorganised?
2 Answers
Q11.30. Railway equipment supplied to Russia by convoy in WW2
Information sought
Q11.31. Photographs of 34025 when named Rough Tor
Photographs sought
1 Answer
Q11.32. Luton Bute Street to Dunstable branch
When was the last passenger service
2 Answers and last day photographs
Q11.33. Locomotive Nameplate DRACULA
Which locomotive carried this?
1 Answer
Q11.34 North London Railway coaches
Information about carriages bought by the Cleobury Mortimer & Ditton Priors Light Railway sought
1 Answer

October 2011

Q11.26. The LNWR Swansea Victoria terminus
Where was it
3 Answers
Q11.27. East London line stations and East London Jct.
When was the connection into Liverpool Street last used?
1 Answer
Q11.28. Connections between London tube lines
Where are they
4 Answers

September 2011

Q11.21. GWR 2-8-0 ROD class boiler replacements
What did Swindon do?
1 Answer
Q11.22. History of Class 7F 0-8-0 49375
Does anybody have access to the history sheet?
1 Answer
Q11.23. H. Bridges Wednesbury scrap yard
Where was it?
1 Answer
Q11.24. Moorswater GWR shed allocations 1909-1917
Is there a record of these?
2 Answers
Q11.25. Goitre Halt on the Cambrian/GWR
Information sought
3 Answers

August 2011

Q11.18. MR Nottingham - Melton Mowbray section boundary post
Where is it?
Q11.19. When is a locomotive preserved?
Q11.20. ‘Super D’ 49375 at Edge Hill
Why did it spend so much time stored after withdrawal?
2 Answers
QX11.09. 46443 on a railtour at Bristol in the early 1980s
How did the locomotive turn?
1 Answer

July 2011

Q11.16. Swindon-York Merrymaker excursion 24th August 1980
Details sought
Q11.17. The “Annesley Dido” railway staff train
When did it last run?
1 Answer
QX11.08 RCTS shed visit 28th July 1946
Photographs sought

May 2011

Q11.14. Wartime accident at Ware
Details sought
1 Answer
Q11.15. BR Mk.1 coach at Hever
What is it's identity?
2 Answers
QX11.07 GWR & BR Toad brake vans at Cheltenham Spa St James
Running numbers sought

April 2011

Q11.11 Inverness passenger duty Cl.37s
Why did the InterCity sector have no heat class 37/5s?
1 Answer
Q11.12 Green cafeteria car at Plymouth
Did this happen on a regular basis?
3 Answers
Q11.13 0-4-2 Eagle at Mogulpura works, Lahore
Details requested
4 Answers
QX11.05 Millennium observations of Cl.47 and Cl.86
Workings sought for 31st Dec 1999 and 1st Jan 2000
QX11.06 RCTS Railtour on Alweg monorail near Cologne
Was there an RCTS Special visit?

March 2011

Q11.05 NLR coach at Swindon & Cricklade Railway
Information on ex NLR coach requested
1 Answer
Q11.06. Padlocks on Hohenzollern Bridge at Köln
What is this about?
4 Answers
Q11.07. Railway locomotive registered as a road vehicle
Information sought about 2ft gauge Lister DFK538
Q11.08. GWR 0-6-2T 5659
Was 5659 the only one constructed with the normal side rod/big end configuration?
Q11.09. GWR 0-6-0PT 7426
Infomation sought about the big end assembly
Q11.10. Railway on Duchal Moor
what is the nature and purpose of this railway?
2 Answers
QX11.03. Log of the northbound “Elizabethan” on 4th September 1961
Is a timing log available?
QX11.04 Codnor Park & Ironville Station
Photographs required
1 Answer

February 2011

Q11.03. “Plymouth Holiday Express”
Details of these day trips sought
Q11.04. LMS ‘Jinty’ 0-6-0Ts
What was the origin of their nickname
3 Answers
QX11.01. Fowler Diesel on the Isle of Wight.
1 Answer

QX11.02. "Room at the Top" Station
Where is 30027?
1 Answer

January 2011

Q11.01. York-Sheffield route of York-Bournemouth service
How did this reach Sheffield fromYork?
1 Answer
Q11.02. Great Western Railway vacuum
When did this change to the BR standard 21 inches?
3 Answers

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