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Q11.01. York-Sheffield route of York-Bournemouth service

Which route did the York Bournemouth service, when running via the GC route, take to reach Sheffield Victoria from York? (BD:9563)


I travelled twice on the York - Swindon mail in the 1950's, heading for Nottingham Victoria, so I assume the 'Bournemouths' would have used the same route. This was:- York - Burton Salmon - Swinton & Knottingley line - Wath Curve (a left turn and down on to the GC Wath Yard - Mexborough -Doncaster line) then immediately right at Mexborough West Jcn. over the now lifted and sharply curved link to Mexborough South Jcn.,thence over the GC Doncaster - Sheffield line via Rotherham Central, Woodburn Junction and into Sheffield Victoria. Here an engine change and reversal would take place. (JF: 6942)

last updated: 21/01/11