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Q11.04. LMS ‘Jinty’ 0-6-0Ts

What is the origin of the nickname ‘Jinty’ when referring to the LMS Fowler 0-6-0T locomotives? (AM: 6448)


I have no idea of this nickname's origin, but I am almost sure that I saw, somewhere and probably a long time ago (and the late Mr J M Dunn may have made the comment) that in at least one area, this nickname was unknown, and that the term 'Gadget' was the one commonly used for this class of locomotive. (CB:13993)

The name ‘Jinty’ seems to have been very much a regional thing. We in the Midlands certainly knew them by that nickname, but to quite a lot of other LMS areas, they were known as ‘Jockos’, presumably derived from the fact that a lot were built by NBL and Beardmores, in Glasgow. However, in Scotland , a Jinty was usually a small (0-4-0T) or similar, on both the CR and NBR, a ‘Pug’ being somewhat, but not always, bigger. The term ‘gadget’, so far as I know, always related to LNWR 0-6-2T ‘Coal Tanks’. In his books Wellingborough Engineman, Willesden Engineman and LMS Locomotives from the Footplate (all by Bradford Barton), George Bushell confirms this. (DW:18498)

We may never find an origin for the name ‘Jinty’, but it is relevant to point out that the usage certainly had its detractors. In the November 1973 Railway Magazine George Dow wrote “This beastliest of locomotive nicknames was certainly not coined by any railwayman and I have no doubt we have some misbegotten gricer to thank for it." (QCE)

last updated: 03/08/11