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Q11.05 NLR coach at Swindon & Cricklade Railway

A member who is also member of the Swindon & Cricklade Railway is seeking information on their ex North London Railway coach from the following information. It is a 4 wheeled, 28 ft., first class vehicle with an interior height of 7ft.3in., which according to the Historical Model Railway Society indicates it being built after 1895, possibly at Wolverton. Its number is unknown, but could be 11, 20 or 111. There is evidence of the windows being boarded up professionally, so it may have become a service vehicle. Any information about the coach, or source of a general coaching stock list for the NLR would be very useful. (KC:1139)


The Swindon & Cricklade Railway now believes that the coach is NLR 111. (KC:1139)

last updated: 03/08/11