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Q11.10. Railway on Duchal Moor

On a recent Ordnance Survey Landranger Map an apparent extensive system of narrow gauge railway tracks is shown in an open area of land marked as 'Duchal Moor' and lying approximately 5 miles south of Greenock, Scotland. (Map Ref 300675) Any information as to its nature and purpose would be appreciated. (RT:19526)

Herewith some information on the Duchal Moor Railway. This line was a "Grouse"Moor Railway" to convey the hunters across this very boggy moor. It was built by Sir J Lithgow in 1922 and was at first seven miles long and later two branches were added making total mileage 12. Gauge was 2ft and rails 22 lb. Cost of the initial seven miles was 1000 per mile Two petrol engines ordered from Motor Rail simplex new in 1922 In 1969 a third loco was ordered a Dorman 2DWD diesel engines of 20 -28 hp. There is an excellent article on this line in Railway Bylines September 2004 which includes some photogrpahs. (DL:8605)

The line was known as the Grouse Moor Line and built in about 1922. It was for transporting people and equipment engaged in grouse shooting. It extended for 7 miles and had three branches with the headquarters at Hardridge Farm. The gauge was 2 feet, there were 20HP petrol locos from Motor Rail of Bedford and in 1969 a third was purchased from Joseph Arnold sand Leighton Buzzard. The line was built, in part, to give employment following WW1 by Sir James Lithgow. The line closed in the late 1970s and is derelict. The track is largely intact but partly lost in the peat. (PF:10896)

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