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Q11.11 Inverness passenger duty Cl.37s

In the pocket book Loco Datafile for 1994, seven Cl.37 locomotives are listed as being in pool 1154, Inverness Cl.37 intercity. All are shown as being in intercity livery. Four of these locomotives, 37505, 37510, 37683, and 37685 were previously dedicated to freight with no train heat. Why were these locomotives chosen for intercity work, and what were their duties? The Loco Datafile does not answer this question. (PW:19669)


I'm not an RCTS member (but am Vice-Chair of the Class 37 Locomotive Group!) and was just browsing your very interesting site when I noticed this query, which I think I can answer. The locos your correspondent refers to were a pool used between about 1992 and 1995 for Inverness and Aberdeen sleeper services (a part of Intercity Sector at the time), and the pairs of 37s ran with generator vans converted from Mark 1 BG coaches. Therefore the locos did not need electric train supply. I believe it was felt that the pairs of 37s would have had a tractive effort advantage over the single class 47s previously used - and these had also suffered from reliability issues. However, in the event the use of class 47s resumed in 1995. (MS)

last updated: 12/02/12