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Q11.13 0-4-2 Eagle at Mogulpura works, Lahore

There is a reference on page 3 of the January RO to an 0-4-2 named Eagle preserved at Mogulpura works, Lahore, Pakistan. Could anyone add details of the identity and history of this locomotive? (KC:11391)


This loco is Robert Stephenson 1872 of 1871 a 5ft 6in gauge KS class 0-4-2 used by North Western Railway as No. 47 later NWR merged with others in 1870 to become Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railway Company (SPDR) at some stage being renumbered No. 152. It is preserved as Eagle which may only have been applied after preservation. (GC:11925)

The 0-4-2 Eagle, preserved at Mogulpura Works in Pakistan is ex Scinde Punjab & Delhi Railway class KS. Built by Robert Stephenson in 1869. Unfortunately, I have no record of the Works No. I can provide a digitised photo, scanned from a 35mm slide, if required. (RF:11085)

Regarding the 0-4-2 "Eagle" at Mogulpura Works, the details are in Hugh Hughes CRC book "Indian Locomotives Part 1 - Broad Gauge 1851 - 1840". The loco is former North Western Railway KS class, having originally been Indus Valley State Railway No 47 and later renumbered 152. It is shown as having been built by Robert Stephenson as their 1872 0f 1869. In 1889 it was shown as being allocated to the Saharanpur area and presumably it migrated at some later date to what became West Pakistan in 1947. However, it was not shown as being in the active NWR stock transfered at that time and may have already been preserved by that date. On a visit to Mogulpura in early 1980 "Eagle" was one of three locos preserved at the Works entrance, the other two being :- NWR Heavy L class 4-6-0 No 448 (Dubs 3979/01) XB class 4-6-2 No 450 - ex Eastern Bengal Railway 450 "Lord Wellesley"(AW 1065/30). This loco had been noted in West Pakistan in 1964 after presumably having been transfered from East Pakistan following the initial dieselisation there.(JS:8499)

Herewith is a photo taken on my box brownie during a tour of the works when I was a staff sargeant in the RE. (DP:4290)

   Robert Stephenson number 1872, built 1871, seen preserved as "Eagle" at Mogulpura works, Lahore, Pakistan in August 1945   Derek Plumb

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