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Q11.14. Wartime accident at Ware

A member who lived close by when this accident happened on a foggy Monday 8th January 1940, was taken to see it as an 8 year old boy. One train had ripped out the sides of another, where the double line goes into single on the Hertford side of the crossing at about 5 pm.

There had been no deaths but 31 injured. Is there any report on this accident, as even if there is no official report, surely the LNER must have conducted some form of enquiry? As this was very early in the war, were such events covered by the Official Secrets Act, and therefore little or no press coverage?

Details of locos, carriages and the cause of the accident would be very much appreciated. (TB:5848)


Coach 61800 is recorded by both "Harris" and "Bishop" as having been rebodied at Stratford in 1940 after an accident at Ware. Coach 61800 (later 80016) was part of GE Quad set 151, the other vehicles being 62800 (80014), 64000 (80015) and 61812 (80017). This set, presumably the most heavily damaged in the accident, was eventually withdrawn in 12/60. (AW:13235)

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