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Q11.15. BR Mk.1 coach at Hever

What is the identity of the BR Mk.1 corridor coach in unlined green livery parked on an isolated length of track in Hever station yard on 25th March? (AG:4784)


   former 4-Cig TSO 71041 at Hever, in use a a meeting room on an isolated section of track beside the station   Paul Snelling
The coach you query at Hever is 1040, at least that's how I read it off. The number has been covered by paint. It's used as a meeting room or similar by the company that works from the station buildings. (PS:19088)

The BR coach at Hever station is a 4-CIG trailer coach 71041 from unit 421306. (JH:20432)

last updated: 23/06/11