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Q11.17. The “Annesley Dido” railway staff train

The “Annesley Dido” steam hauled service is known to have run until 8th January 1962. However there is photographic evidence (Mystery Photos web feature, Film 66-01) of a dmu running along the Leen Valley at various locations. Annesley shed closed on 3rd January 1966, so could these photos show a dmu providing the service on the last day? Although it is known that buses were in use on the service at various times, does anyone have any information of a dmu rail service operating at any time after the steam service ceased? (CC:10911)


The “Annesley Dido” did make its last run on 8th Jan. 1962. The subsequent DMU sighting was almost certainly of a train being used for staff route knowledge purposes. (CC:10911, RW:11457, CW)

last updated: 18/01/12