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Q11.20. ‘Super D’ 49375 at Edge Hill

A member, as a young enthusiast in Liverpool in the early 1960s, saw only one 'Super D', 49375, the last one at Edge Hill shed. The locomotive was apparently withdrawn in 1962 but was still in Edge Hill shed in early 1965, when he saw it. Why did it spend so much time stored after withdrawal and where and when was it scrapped?



49375 was withdrawn from Speke Junction (December 1962), but could easily have been stored at Edge Hill prior to disposal - that would mean that our fellow member is not necessarily wrong when he states that he saw the loco at Edge Hill in early 1965. At least one other source quotes the sale as being to T.W. Ward at their Beighton yard. There is some confusion as to which of these two yards cut up which locos, some of which I came across when looking at DVDs of the era. Although relatively close as the crow flies, rail transfers between the two would have been rather tortuous affairs and seem unlikely to have happened. This is, of course, why the HSBT project is so important. (RW:11547)

This engine was definitely stored at Edge Hill until early 1965 – more than two years after its withdrawal (29 December 1962).None of the ex-Edge Hill men I interviewed for my book, Shed Side on Merseyside, could offer any explanation as to why it was in storage for so long. It was a damn shame that having survived that long after all but a handful of survivors soldiered on at Bescot shed, that it was allowed to go to scrap in 1965. I have countless shed logs of it being at Edge Hill during 1964. It was stored under cover in the old part of the shed (i.e. closest to Lime Street station, not the Camp) and at one stage was in company with Edge Hill’s last two Duchesses (City of Edinburgh and City of Lancaster) which also spent a few months in store under cover in the same proximity. The last record I have of it on Edge Hill was 11 January 1965, and it may have been there after that date but I was not always diligent in recording repeated locos I saw regularly. (KP)

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