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Q11.24. Moorswater GWR shed allocations 1909-1917

The GWR absorbed the Liskeard and Caradon Railway (LCR) in 1909 through a Parliamentary Act that passed into law in the summer of that year. The LCR’s locomotives Cheesewring and Kilmar were certainly long-term residents of Moorswater shed and were present there in 1909, Caradon having been scrapped previously. Kilmar was withdrawn from Moorswater in 1914 and Cheesewring remained to work the final trains until late in 1916. Other locomotives from the GWR's stock are rumoured to have worked out of Moorswater from 1909 to 1917, and No.13, a 4-4-0 saddle tank for the Liskeard-Looe services, is one such.

Is there a systematic record of GWR locomotive allocations by shed for this period which can be accessed?



The answer to the question posed in the last sentence of this query is that there is a series of ledgers at the National Archives in Kew entitled "Register of [GWR] monthly shed allocations of locomotive stock" for the years 1902-1964. The accuracy of these records is not 100%, but they are the essential starting point for GWR research in this area. Locomotives are listed in numerical order, but matching locos to a shed, eg Moorswater, just requires time. The National Archives codes for the ledgers for 1909-1917 are RAIL 254/67 - RAIL 254/75. (RW:11364)

Moorswater shed was always a sub shed of St. Blazley [ 83E in BR days ] I cannot recall the GWR shed code but I'm almost certain that the subshed situation was the same under the GWR ownership even back as far as the early twentieth century. So your reader should perhaps look for the records of St. Blazley and pick out any of the 45xx tanks there. 45xx tanks worked the Moorswater branch as long as I can remember. There always seemed to be a 45xx or 55xx in the shed there. However 1909 - 1917 is really back into the pale! There were 45xx tanks back then up to 4554 although in the period in question the earlier ones were numbered 2161 to 2190. Some of these early ones were definitely allocated to Cornwall when first built in 1906 thro 1910. (PH)

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