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Q11.25. Goitre Halt on the Cambrian/GWR

Goitre Halt on the Kerry branch of the Cambrian/GWR, closed in 1931. Any photographs, location map and site layout would be very much of interest as would the derivation of the name.



"Goitre" undoubtedly comes from the Welsh word "Goetre" which means "the home in the wood". There are a number of farms including the name "Goetre" in the immediate area round Abermule and Kerry. The "halt" was originally just a siding which I believe served a brickworks. I don't have a copy of the Middleton Press book on the line but if there was a photograph available there would be one there! (RC:12348)

I give info gleaned from several publications viz. The Cambrian Railway, Christianson & Miller, David & Charles, 1967; Cambrian Railway, R.W.Kidner, Oakwood Press, 1954; Van & Kerry Railways, Lewis Cozens, Pub author, 1953; Clinkers Register of Closed Stations, C.R.Clinker, Avon Anglia, 1978. Bartholomews Touring Map Sheet 17, Shropshire 1 mile = half inch, no date. The halt was sited 2.25 miles from Abermule (D & C) 2miles 19 chains (Cozens). and 1.5 miles short of Kerry terminus. It apparently opened with the branch on 02.02.1863 and closed to passengers wef 09.02.1931 along with the branch. No mention of goods closure. It was a platform with no buildings, or even a nameboard according to one account. A working timetable for July/Aug/Sept 1903 lists it as Goitre Siding but with no trains shown to call. Elsewhere it is stated that pass trains only called on request. The platform on "the left hand side" was 3ft in height and 81ft long. Further info states "on further side of platform at the level of platform edge lies a siding serving the Goitre Brickworks". The siding joins the main running line by a trailing junction a short distance beyond the further platform ramp". Bart'mew map shows a small settlement to the East of the branch line named "Goetre". Regret no photos found. (JB:8283)

A postscript on this halt; looking further and hoping to come across a photo (no luck). I did however find (OS 1" sheet - 128 "Montgomery & Llandrindod Wells") that they spell the place name as "Goetre" at GR 183918 and I would rather expect the halt to have been at GR174921 along "Tk of old rly" Also some apparent conflicting evidence in " A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain. Vol. 11 North and Mid Wales" Peter E Baughan , David and Charles 1980. I quote "As with others, the branch passed to the GWR, which opened halts at Ffronfraith and Goitre in 1923....." Personally, I rather doubt the GWR opened the halts as "A Register of Halts and Platforms 1903 - 1979 Great Western Railway" compiled by C R Clinker makes no mention of either halt, suggesting they were indeed opened prior to 1903-, by the Cambrian. (JB:8283)

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