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Q11.26. The LNWR Swansea Victoria terminus

A member recently visited Swansea but could find nothing of any railway infrastructure concerning the LNWR Swansea Victoria terminus from which on his first visit in 1959 he departed on the York mail behind an 0-6-2 GWR tank with three coaches after the rostered black 5 had failed. According to a map of the time it was situated near or on Oystermouth Rd. This road has obviously been upgraded and probably obliterates entirely the route of the old railway. Current maps do not appear to even mention any location as Victoria, so are there any current indications of where it used to be situated?

Also, was the terminus of the Swansea and Mumbles tramway adjacent to the LNWR station? (JT:17469)


Re the query about the location of Swansea LNWR, a visit to www.old-maps.co.uk will provide the answer. It's a slightly complicated site to navigate your way around until you become familiar with it, but it will eventually be worth the effort. I don't know Swansea at all, but after a few minutes searching I was able to locate the station in question at various ages during its existence. (Kevin Chamberlain)

The LNWR Swansea Victoria terminus site has been completely cleared and it is almost impossible to tell that a railway had ever existed there. The site is now occupied by a car park and a leisure centre, but to the N of it is the Dylan Thomas theatre, and that should enable the site to be identified. (CB:13993)

According to my 1927 ninth edition of the Michelin Guide to Great Britain the road map of Swansea shows the RS (LM&SR) as located at the South side of Oystermouth Road, between the road and the dock. The road name changes a little further along to Quay Parade. There is a railway line shown in Oystermouth Road with an end on finish with the LM&SR station but is no name to suggest that it is the Swansea & Mumbles Railway terminus. My 2007 (34th edition) Michelin Guide shows Oystermouth Road and Quay Parade with Victoria Road between them. The road layout is extremely similar. The possible site of the S&M terminus is shown as a car park and the LM&SR station site is shown as a leisure centre. (MJB:6068)

last updated: 25/10/11