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Q11.28. Connections between London tube lines

There is a connection between the eastbound Piccadilly line and the Northern line just east of Kings Cross St Pancras. Where are or were other transfer points between different deep-level tube lines that could be used in an emergency or for maintenance unit and stock transfers? (RAFP:8635)


Central and Piccadilly are connected with each other (and with Network Rail) via Ruislip Depot. The Central has no other direct connections with other deep tube lines, although it is connected with the Piccadilly again via the District at Ealing Broadway.
The connection at King’s Cross (mentioned by the questioner) is the Northern Line’s only connection with any other Underground line.
Victoria and Piccadilly are connected at Finsbury Park (southbound Victoria to Piccadilly, northbound Piccadilly to Victoria), but this connection is now of limited use. The Victoria Line’s tunnels were built a little larger than standard tube tunnels. This was to reduce the draughts experienced by passengers waiting at the stations, and also reduces energy consumption. But the latest Victoria Line stock has been built slightly larger to take advantage of the bigger tunnels. Thus is could only be brought in by road; and it cannot leave other than by road.
The Bakerloo Line is connected with the Jubilee Line at Baker Street (northbound Bakerloo to Jubilee, southbound Jubilee to Bakerloo.
Various other connections exist between the deep tubes and the subsurface lines and with Network Rail. But the questioner specified “between different deep-level tube lines”, so I shall stop there. (JM)

The idea behind all lines being able to join up was there heavy overhaul at Acton Works and the Engineers Trains being able to reach all corners of the Railway from, in those days, Neasden Depot & Lillie Bridge Depot and nowadays Ruislip Depot does the majority. Reading through the lines today apart from the Kings Cross already mentioned are:-
BAKERLOO: Crossover at Baker Street NB onto the Jubilee NB and Jubilee SB onto Bakerloo SB. CENTRAL: Crossover at Ealing Broadway from the District and vice versa
VICTORIA: Finsbury Park SB onto Piccadilly Line SB and Piccadilly Line NB onto Victoria Line NB
Also, trains to and from the East London Line used St. Mary's Junction just East of Aldgate East and bearing right dropped down onto the SB and Vice Versa.
Another older one was from ththe Northern City Line [Moorgate to Finsbury Park] and this was reached from the EB Metropolitan Line just before Farringdon and crossed to the City Widened Lines and went to Moorgate to turn and go via Kings Cross and Finsbury Park to join there. (RD:21895)

The only specially built connection is between the Piccadilly and Northern Lines at King’s Cross, about 330 yards, opened 27 March 1927.

Connections for stock transfer are

PiccadillyVictoriaFinsbury Park
PiccadillyDistrictActon Town
PiccadillyMetropolitanRayners Lane
MetropolitanJubileeNeasden/Wembley Park
JubileeBakerlooBaker Street
DistrictCentralEaling Broadway (not Mile End)
CentralMet/PiccBy a spur line West Ruislip Depot, used by PW trains

The Waterloo & City Line is isolated with no running access at all. Car lift removed for building of Waterloo International. Shaft at corner of Bagless Road and the cab road to Waterloo concourse allows cars to be hoisted by road cranes. Reference to Moorgate “FCC platforms” omitted, for brevity. They were used by tube trains 1939 to 1975, transferred by devious routes, involving main line running. Also Bakerloo pre 1939, which involved Willesden LL/HL. (GJC:5453)

Surely the reason for the extra space in the Victoria Line platforms at Finsbury Park is that they were originally part of the Great Northern and City Railway, which was constructed to main line loading gauge. The tube tunnels to Moorgate were bored to a diameter of sixteen feet rather than the more usual twelve feet. The aspiration of the GNR is fulfilled in the sight of class 313 emus at Moorgate today. In its later years the Northern City Line of the Underground was cut back to Drayton Park as work began on construction of the Victoria Line. (AL:3856)

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