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Q11.31. Photographs of 34025 when named Rough Tor

Does any member have, or know a source of, any photographs of Bullied WC pacific 34025 with the nameplate Rough Tor, which it carried for a brief period?



21C125 (later 34025 Wimple) was allocated new to Ramsgate shed in Mar. 1946 and transferred in July 1947 to Exmouth Junction where the Rough Tor nameplates were fitted without ceremony and, according to the Southern E-Group website, carried from 11th to 23rd Apr. 1948. The locomotive was recorded as being seen with the nameplates at least once at Exeter Central during this time. It is thought that as the Whiteways Cider company at Wimple was a major customer for freight and a provider of commuting passengers, it made Wimple a station deserving recognition, and Rough Tor, probably of minor importance to tourist traffic, was a natural candidate to be replaced. There are no known photographs showing 21C125 as Rough Tor. (ESY:5976, MJG:7487)

last updated: 18/01/12