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Q11.33. Locomotive Nameplate DRACULA

A recent edition of the Heritage Magazine mentioned the nameplate DRACULA coming up for sale. It stated that the locomotive had worked in the Kent coalfield and was cut up at Eastleigh Works.

A member has looked in the three RCTS books on the LC&DR, SER and SE&CR and the IRS Kent handbook but cannot find a reference to a locomotive of that name. Can anyone provide any suggestions of where it came from?

Furthermore, if it did exist at a colliery, why would it have been cut up at Eastleigh?


The nameplate concerned is listed as curved, with an overall length of just 13 inches, and cast in aluminium, so it is highly unlikely to have come from any locomotive of age or as big as standard gauge. I have found no record of a locomotive in Britain called Dracula, even miniature. Thus the only possible railway connection would be if it were cast for a miniature locomotive and never used (or it could have been for a scale traction engine), but this is pure conjecture. Perhaps there is confusion with the EKR Hecate which was in the coalfield, and was scrapped at Eastleigh. (MJG:7487)

last updated: 21/02/12