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Q11.34 North London Railway coaches

According to The North London Railway (1959) by Michael Robbins the NLR disposed of carriages to the Cleobury Mortimer & Ditton Priors Light Railway. Information is sought about their identities and histories, including types, building and withdrawal dates, dates of sale, NLR and CMDPR numbers, etc.

Similar information would be welcomed about a former NLR carriage which is recorded in the NRM archives as being in use in 2006 as a store on a farm at Sandbach, Cheshire.



GWR Absorbed Coaching Stock 1922/3 suggests that the North London Railway sold 4 coaches to the Cleobury Mortimer & Ditton railway in c1908 which were 2 brake third and 2 compartment coaches. Their original numbers were 1033, 1034, 1041 and 1043 in NLR service but it is not known what the renumbering of the coaches were other than 1-4. All passed to the GWR at Grouping, with the 2 brake thirds numbered 4263 cond 20/02/1926, 4264 cond 31/10/1925; and the 2 compartment coaches numbered 6343 cond 20/02/1926, 6344 cond 31/10/1925.Source above book by E R Mountford Oakwood Press 1978 p65. In addition to the above the Carriage Stock Of Minor Standard Gauge Railways R.W.Kidner Oakwood Press 1978 indicates that the 4 coaches were all 5 compartment Thirds and that presumably 2 were converted to brake vehicles. (JH:20432)

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