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Q11.35 LNER cl.J67 0-6-0Ts at Northwich and Trafford Park

On the 11th December1942 cl.J67 7257 was transferred to Northwich and then on the 11th March 1943 transferred to Trafford Park. Also J67 7258 was transferred to Northwich on 11.12.42 and then on 23rd February 1943 transferred to Trafford Park.

A member who saw both these locos at Northwich asks what they were used for. (JBA:3165)


Vol. 8A of the "Green Guide" states that the Trafford Park engines were normally employed at the ex GNR Deansgate Goods Depot and worked trip freights to Trafford Park sidings. Other duties included Manchester Central Goods Pilot and occasionally substituting for an N5 at Trafford Park sidings. There is no mention of their use at Northwich. (CC:10911)

last updated: 28/01/12