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Q13.01. Coaching Stock at Sinderby

Does anyone know the total number and individual identities of the coaches, some of which were from Northern Ireland, that were stored at Sinderby? The site had the coaches parked close together on rails placed on their sides and only part of the site was visible from outside. When the site was cleared did they all go to the site near Ripon or did some go elsewhere and what was their ultimate fate?

Further has any other Northern Ireland Railways Coaching Stock come into the mainland?

The carriages stored at Sinderby have included: Mk 2a BSOs 9435, 9485, BFK 17075, FKs 13438, 13442, TSOs 5271, 5335, Mk 2b TSOs 5449, 5450, 5462, 5494, Mk 2c FO 3268, SOs 6400, 6411, Mk 2c TSOs 5520, 5841, 5879, TSOT 6510, Mk 2d FKs 13581, 13583, 13585, Mk 2d TSOs 5739, 13575, 17151. Aditionally there were the ex Northern Ireland 548, 901, 903, 904 (ex BR Mk2f 3367), and two which may not have received Irish numbers (ex BR Mk 2bs BFKs 14106, 14110) as well as class 47 locomotive 47540.
Most of this stock has been scrapped by Booths at Rotherham, having first been transferred to Dalton Airfield, near Thirsk. It was assembled by the Mark 2 Coach Association. (TL:10271)

With regard to Q13.01 I believe the answer is in what I put on page 47 of the January 2010 RO. Subsequent developments can be found on subsequent Preserved Coaching Stock Amendment Sheets now available on the Society website at http://www.rcts.org.uk/features/preservedcoaches/ with older ones to be added as soon as possible. (PH:13999)

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