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Q13.04. SNCF Locomotives Used Through the Channel Tunnel.

What is the status of the French (SNCF) locomotives which hauled freight to Dollands Moor in the early days of the channel tunnel. Are any still in service or any preserved? (If so one would make a crowd pulling attraction at an event such as the York Railfest although getting it there may be difficult).


The locos concerned appear to have been 22379/80 and 22399-405, some of which have long been reserved for ‘special use’. SNCF locomotives are now allocated to sectors rather than to the relevant depots, and carry a prefix number accordingly. The 222xx series has not fared too well from the loss of freight traffic and most if not all the freight locos are laid up and some have been withdrawn. As the Channel locos had TVM signalling equipment fitted, they have fared much better being the only locomotives allowed on high speed lines, apart from the 672xx series, and most have gone to the Infrastructure section. Allocations as at 1 January 2013 were: Infrastructure Nord-Est: 622379/80/99, 622401/03/05. Normal passenger (regional services): Rhone-Alpes 522400, Provence-Cote d’Azur 522402/04. Information on SNCF allocations as at 1st January 2013 can be seen in Rail Passion 187. (RW:13633)

There were nine class 22200 converted to operate through the channel tunnel prior to delivery of the class 92 locos and for a short while both classes of loco operated services. Dollands Moor drivers were trained to drive the SNCF locos. The nine locos were 22379/380/399/400/401/402/403/404/405 and all are still in service with SNCF some working passenger services too. Therefore none are preserved. (AP:13570)

last updated: 02/09/14