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Q13.09. Penmere Halt/Platform on the GWR Falmouth Branch.

As it appears that there was provision for double track, it is likely that there were sidings here. Are there any details or photographs of the track layout at Penmere?


I have some track plans of the Falmouth branch dated around 1920. Although these predate the opening of Penmere Platform in 1925, no sidings are shown between those at Penryn and those at Falmouth. (SS)

The single track gained a long loop in 1940 controlled by two ground frames. At the south end of the loop connection was made with four sidings for MOD oil traffic. Loop and sidings were taken out of use in March 1967 leaving Penmere again with a simple one-track layout. Some stockade type fencing can still be discerned in the vegetation surrounding the former MOD depot. Information from R. A. Cooke’s GWR/WR diagrams section 10. (ESY:5976)

The branch was single track, but a goods loop was installed parallel to the platform road in 1940; this provided access to an MOD oil depot, the (four?) sidings for which were located to the south of the platform. The loop and depot were taken out of use in 1967. A photograph of the platform, including part of the loop, appears in both Branch Lines to Falmouth, Helston & St Ives (Middleton Press) and BR Past & Present No 63 West Cornwall (Past & Present Publishing). (DM:16015)

last updated: 10/05/13