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Q13.10. King Class Locomotive on the Falmouth Branch.

Did a King Class locomotive ever visit the Falmouth branch?


A King has been on the Falmouth Branch and I have photographic evidence to prove it at College Wood Viaduct with 6024 leading "The Falmouth Packet" return railtour with 56078 on the rear, 15.30 Falmouth Docks-Gloucester running about 2 hours late on 20 Sept 1998. (BM:9862)

Hall and County class 4-6-0s were regular visitors. During the period preceding D-Day many heavy goods were worked to Falmouth by 2800 and 2884 class 2-8-0s. An exceptional visitor to the branch was LNER B12/3 class 4-6-0 8549 which worked an Ambulance train to Falmouth piloted by St. Blazey mogul 6330 on Sunday 9 June 1944. A rumour circulated at that time that an LMS 0-6-0 diesel shunter was working at Falmouth Docks but this has not been corroborated. (MD 9218)

last updated: 09/05/13