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Q13.11. GWR 1400 Class 0-4-2Ts at Aylesbury Sub Shed.

Ex GWR 1400 Class 0-4-2T 1473 was allocated to 34E (Neasden) on the Eastern Region in the mid 1950s. Neasden had sub sheds at Chesham and Aylesbury. 1473 was the only 0-4-2T allocated to Neasden at this time and probably based at Aylesbury, for use on the ex GWR branch to Princes Risborough, when the train service was not through to Paddington or Marylebone. Similarly, ex LNER N5 0-6-2T 69257, the only push-and-pull fitted N5 was also allocated to Neasden, presumably to work these Aylesbury short services and share it with the ex GWR 0-4-2T. Three push and pull fitted ex GCR/LNER C13 4-4-2Ts, 67416/18/20, were also allocated to Neasden/Chesham at this time to work ex Metropolitan carriages on the Chesham branch, not thought to have ever worked from Aylesbury.

There are photographs of a class 1400 on an ex GWR one carriage Auto train and an ex LNER N5 0-6-2T with two ex LNER carriages on Aylesbury –Princes Risborough services in the 1950s but not a C13. Was the one ex LNER N5 0-6-2T specially adapted for this service, when there were considerable numbers of ex GWR 0-4-2Ts to work all short services, or could C13s have done the job?


Have happy memories of travelling between Aylesbury and Princes Risborough on ex GWR autocoach "Thrush" behind ex GWR no 1473. Along with ex GWR pannier tank 5409, 1473 took over this Aylesbury roster sometime around 1950 and as such both locos were on the books as being allocated to Neasden (34E). Doubtful if they ever saw Neasden as their servicing was carried out at Slough. N5 69257 which the ex GWR types replaced, continued in service at Aylesbury. Its primary duty became the Risborough branch goods but it helped out from time to time on Metropolitan main line passenger workings and on the Chesham branch. I have no recollection of the C13s working north of Chalfont and Latimer, the junction for Chesham. (MP:21250)

I travelled daily from Aylesbury to High Wycombe for school from roughly Jan 1953 to July 1955, usually on a through train hauled by 6100 Class. Occasionally I would change at Princes Risborough. On at least one occasion, I was hauled by 1426. I never noted 1473 anywhere. There was, however, usually a 1400 class stabled at Aylesbury, and my spotting was not always thorough. Well, there were girls on the train! I have a strong recollection that on at least one occasion the branch train was hauled by a Class 5700 PT. (JS:17974)

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