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Q13.13. Bridge Numbers on Halifax High Level Railway.

Are there any publications, maps or web sites that identify bridge numbers? A member has a plate from the Halifax High Level Railway No 9 and is anxious to find which bridge it was affixed to. Of the 15 Bridges and one viaduct on the line all but three still exist.


No publications, maps or web sites that identify bridge numbers are known but a member has been researching bridge numbers including mileages, and is assisting a friend in creating a data base of a Railway Record of the British Isles showing all infrastructures on lines in the country. This is slowly coming to fruition and hopefully will be available on a web site. The joint GN and L&Y line from Holmfield to Halifax High Level was opened on 5th March 1890, closing to passengers 1st January 1917 and completely 27th June 1960. The Engineer's Line Reference is HXH. The no 9 plate was affixed to a bridge carrying the line over Brackenbed Lane at 200m 34ch measured from Kings Cross, north of Pellon station. Grid reference is SE 076260. Alan Godfrey's reprint of the Halifax (NW) 25inch ordnance survey map has bridge number 9 in the front picture on the left behind the train, bridge number 10 in front of the train is over a footpath. The train is for Halifax High Level and is approaching Pellon station. (MP:9169)

last updated: 26/07/13