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Q13.15. NCB Locomotives at Mountain Ash.

In the early or mid-1960s a member remembers seeing an ex-GWR locomotive on the NCB lines near Mountain Ash, and, more vaguely of it bearing the lettering "Mountain Ash Private Railway" on the side-tanks. Were there any ex GWR locomotives so lettered, and if so are there photographs?



I knew the Mountain Ash system very well from about 1970 until closure of the Phurnacite plant in 1990. The only ex GWR loco they had on the system after the formation of the NCB was 7754, a pannier tank, that arrived from Talywain, May 1970. There was a steam loco named MOUNTAIN ASH No. 1 in the locality. This was HC 1887 of 1955, 0-6-0T IC – a side tank, but not ex GWR (obviously). There were diesels named MOUNTAIN ASH Nos. 1, 5 and 7. I have never seen or heard of any loco bearing an inscription “Mountain Ash Private Railway”. In its publications the Industrial Railway Society referred to large NCB rail systems serving several collieries by names such as “Mountain Ash Railways” or “Maesteg Railways”, But this was “IRS - speak” and not official NCB usage at all, as far as I am aware. (GH)

last updated: 04/06/14