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Q13.17. LNER Class O6 Stanier 8F 2-8-0 Works Plates.

The LNER had 68 of these locomotives built.

48705-29 were built at Brighton in 1945 and carried standard LMS built brass plates showing LNER built 1945 SR.

48730-52 were built at Darlington in 1945/6 with standard LNER brass plates showing LNER in full, works numbers, works and date built.

48753-62 were built at Doncaster 1945/6 using old works numbers not previously used. Publications indicate that the locos did not carry this number and that it appeared to be a paper exercise. If they carried works plates, what was the material, size and the inscription on them?

48763-72 were built at Doncaster in 1946 using works numbers 1991-9 and 2001. Again did they carry works plates, and what the material, size and inscription on them?


Looked up my photos. of 48753-48772. Could only see one engine with a circular plate affixed and visible. It's on smokebox side half way down from chimney. It is on 48770 with large 48770 numerals and large tender bearing L M S , tender first on a freight @ Crewe on 30/10/48. This is a copy print I acquired somewhere. Could post it on loan if required and it might bear reproduction. (HS:21943).

last updated: 03/08/14