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Q13.19. North London Railway Signal Boxes in Millwall and Poplar Docks.

Millwall and Poplar had a very complex system of railways involving many companies which all had their sidings, goods sheds and signal boxes. Much of it is now a part of the Docklands Light Railway. There were at least five NLR signal boxes in the area.

Boxes are believed to have been at East India Dock Road Junction, High Street Junction (on the western curve to Harrow Lane sidings), Loop Line (connecting to the GER at Millwall Junction and the docks ), Preston Road (giving access to West India Docks, GNR goods, GWR goods, and the LNWR goods depots),and Blackwall Bridge (above the GER lines). Confirmation of the name and the location of the five boxes is requested.

last updated: 09/06/13