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Q13.20. LMS Compounds.

The final lot of the LMS Compounds ran from 900 to 939. The Vulcan Foundry delivered 900 to 934 in 1927 but then there was apparently a five year gap before another five, 935 to 939, were built. These were built at Derby. Why did Derby suddenly built these? Can Stanier's arrival have some bearing on it?

Our memberís records show that No. 936 had a high-sided tender, capacity 3,500 gallons, but it was built in 1925. Was it transferred from 1053 or 1054, and was 1054 one of the engines used in the post-grouping trials to establish which type of engine should become standard for express passenger trains on the LMSR? As is well known, the Compound beat the competition from the LNWR and the L&YR.


The answer appears in the RCTS book on The Midland Compounds.
The tender came from 4F 0-6-0 no. 4453, which was a standard Fowler 3500 gallon tender (no. 3677) which was rebuilt with high curved sides in 1933 and fitted to 936. It retained this tender until 1954, when it was exchanged with the tender from 40933. (BP:8050)

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