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Q13.21. Eurostar Destination Distances

Having recently travelled on a Eurostar service to Lyon Part Dieu, which continued onto Avignon & Aix-en-Provence, a member would like to know what the distances from St.Pancras or Frethun to these destinations and to Bourg St. Maurice. (MH)

I have part of the answer in case you haven’t already received something more detailed.
I came across an article in Railway Magazine August 2001 by Peter Semmens titled the ‘fastest train journey of my life’ in which he gives detailed timing of a run from Calais Frethun to Marseilles. Distances quoted are as follows for the direct, wholly TGV route via CDG Aeroport and Lyon St Exupery NOT via Lyon Part Dieu:
Frethun – Avignon 604.9 miles (973.5km); Frethun – Aix-en-Provence 650.9 miles (1,047.5km).
Quail Maps shows:
St Pancras – Portail de Beussingues (French Portal) as 162.175km; Frethun - Portail de Beussingues as 3.328km.
Sorry I don’t have distances via Lyon Part Dieu or to Bourg. (BP)

last updated: 03/08/14