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Q13.22. Western Region 75000 4-6-0 Double Chimney Fitting.

In trying to complete the caption of a photograph of 75008 with double chimney it was found that the shopping details and date of fitting a double chimney do not correlate. In the RCTS B R Standard Steam Locomotives the "Record of Repairs" [P134, Vol. 5] gives the last two repairs as HG at Caerphilly from 8th Sept. 1960 to 19th Nov. 1960 and HG at Swindon from 20th June 1962 to 24th Sep. 1962. However, Vol. 2, Table 35, Page 149, gives 12th February 1961 as the date of fitting of double blast pipe and chimney which does not agree with shopping dates. In a similar vein the fitting dates of double chimneys to 75004 (Oct. 1962), 75005 (Feb. 1962), 75006 (Dec. 1960), 75026 (June 1962) and 75029 (May 1957) were not corroborated from any other information of a workshop presence at the time.

Any information of records or sightings to support or deny the double chimney fitting dates would be appreciated. (CC, JW)


I have had concerns over one date in particuar - 75020. In my North Wales book published by Ian Allan there is a photo taken by me near Aberdovey of 75020 on the Cambrian Coast Express that is dated August 1960, yet the locomotive has a single chimney despite Vol 2 of the Standards book saying it received a double chimney in November 1958. At the same time as the still photo my late father was taking cine film that includes a view down on to the top of 75020, and it clearly has a single chimney. My dad didn't get his first cine camera until January 1959 - so even if the August 1960 date is a bit out, it is impossible for it to have been taken in 1958. In my book, to avoid any controversy I removed the bit regarding the date of the double chimney fitting. (MC:11383)

Some of the dates for fitting double chimneys to the WR Standard 4 4-6-0 locomotives, as listed in Table 35 in Part 2 of the Society's history would seem to be inaccurate. The common denominator amongst these locomotives is that they were all shopped at Swindon for classified repairs between between late 1959 and late 1962 when shopping was transferred to Derby. The conversions ceased at this point. No WR locomotives shopped at Caerphilly or Wolverhampton during this period appear to have been so fitted. The classified shopping dates for these locomotives are recorded in the WR locomotive history sheets deposited at the NA, Kew (RAIL 254 series). These dates are mainly additional to those listed in Part 5 of the Society's history and although the actual date of fitment is not recorded on these sheets, the probable outshopping dates with double chimney are as follows; 75003 (11/1/60), 75004 (10/10/62), 75005 (9/2/62), 75006 (16/12/60), 75008 (24/9/62), 75020 (29/5/62), 75022 (25/6/62), 75026 (19/7/62) and 75029 (22/5/57) & (28/6/60). The statement on page 149 in Part 2 that one or two conversions were fitted with boilers and smokeboxes from withdrawn engines would appear to be mistaken. (p.s. on a related subject it would also appear from pictures on the web that 92003 was an additional 9F that was fitted with a double chimney, probably in early 1961). (AW:13235)

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