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Q13.24. Glasgow Sheds and Works April 1962.

A member who is catching up with his old records finds that he has lost the notes he made of a visit to Glasgow area sheds on Saturday 14th April 1962, in particular of 45665 Lord Rutherford of Nelson which he believes to have been present at Corkerhill on this day having been stored there from around October 1961.

He had travelled on an overnight football excursion from Northampton to Glasgow with haulage to and from Leeds by a Northampton class 5 and from Leeds to Glasgow by 45564 New South Wales. All the Glasgow sheds and works were visited.

Has anyone any Glasgow shed or works lists taken on the 14th April or around this time to help refresh the memory?


I also travelled on the overnight special from Wellingborough to Glasgow,and still have all my records.On this trip I did not visit all of the Glasgow Depots.Visiting instead the three Edinborough Sheds plus Bathgate-Polmont & Grangemouth plus the Bo'ness Dump. Time was found to visit Eastfield-St Rollox-Polmadie & Corkerhill. Yes 45665 was there. (CH:8169)

last updated: 26/09/13