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Q13.25. Monument Lane Compounds.

In 1958 there were two Compounds at Monument Lane, 40936 which was in store there until 5th June of that year and 41168 transferred from Crewe North during week ending 14th June (where it had also been in store during 1958 up to that point). They were returned to store on 14th Sept 1958.

Information is sought on their work in these summer timetable months, including any specific sightings.



The RO for July 1958 records 40936 being taken out of store and working the 07.05 Birmingham-Coventry on 6th June. Later reports, but without specific dates, record both working locals in the area and also piloting Jubilees on Euston expresses. The March 1959 RO also notes 40925(17A) on an ECS working at Coventry on 17th February. A member has photographs of both stored at Monument Lane on 27th November 1960. (RB:5843)

last updated: 21/11/13