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Q13.26. Waterloo to Waterloo East

What use was made of the rail link between Waterloo and Waterloo East and is there any photographic record?



The Waterloo to Waterloo East link was built in 1864 and regular services ran over it from 1865 to 1867, including a Euston to London Bridge service via Kensington. Trains called at the SER platform, named New Waterloo, spanning Waterloo Road, which was also used for engine changing. After cessation of regular services the line was kept available for specials and used for royal trains until it formally closed in March 1911. Waterloo East was opened as Waterloo Junction in 1869. Backtrack magazine of August 2000 has an excellent article by DW Winkworth and the subject is covered in the 9th June 1922 Railway Gazette and J.N.Faulkner’s Railways of Waterloo which shows photographs of the track, but not with a train. (DR:525, JRW:6027)

With reference to your answer in RO 1017 I am surprised no reference is made to the extensive article in INVICTA 79 Spring 2013. Our two societies have reciprocal arrangements and you will have received a copy. (JG)

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