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Q13.27. History of the Kahlenberg Zahnradbahn (Vienna)

At Kahlenberg there is one of the tourist viewing points overlooking the city of Vienna from which a member viewed what appeared to be the route of a railway coming up from the city. He believes it have been the Kahlenberg Zahnradbahn but has been unable to find further details. What was the history and motive power of this railway?



This rack railway ran from Nussdorf on the outskirts of Vienna, climbing 483M to a plateau on the Kahlenberg mountain, having opened in 1874. It was a 5.5km standard gauge line and the first use of the Riggenbach system in Austria. It prospered as a tourist railway until the first world war, when it was taken over by the Austrian army. After the war it was left with some of the track lifted, and never fully recovered. It closed in 1922, but a funicular railway along a different route has been proposed.
The steam locomotives, manufactured by Maschinenfabrik Winterthur, were rack only.
An account of the railway is given in Seeman and Heinersdorff’s Weiner Bergbahnen. (MJG:7487)

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