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Q13.30. Royal Scots on the Settle & Carlisle in Wartime

A member has an entry for Royal Scot Class 4-6-0 No.6104 Scottish Borderer heading the 10.30am express from Leeds City to Glasgow St Enoch on 24th July 1941, noting it as carrying a 12A (Carlisle Kingmoor) shed plate. All the other Carlisle Scots were at 12B (Upperby). He had been observing trains around Bingley from 1934/35 and had never seen a Royal Scot on that route before, nor had any of his acquaintances.

The next day 6162 Queen's Westminster Rifleman (10B - Preston) appeared on the 10.00am St Pancras to Glasgow St Enoch, returning the day after on the corresponding up service. It performed a couple of times. Royal Scots then appeared occasionally, until the rebuilt version came into regular service in August 1943.

Could 6104s train have been the first time a Royal Scot had ever worked over the Leeds - Carlisle route in ordinary revenue service and if not when was the first time? (SH:5589)

Although I cannot answer this question posed in the November 2013 RO, the questioner is not correct in saying re. 6104 that "all the other Carlisle Scots were at Upperby" in July 1941, as 6102/07/08 were also based at Kingmoor at that time. Furthermore, another six members of the class had spells at Kingmoor at various times before that date. One could speculate that it was likely that one or more of them worked over the S&C before July 1941, but I have no evidence of that. (RW:11364)

last updated: 08/04/14