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Q13.34. LTSR 4-4-2T Thundersley

This locomotive was seen at Carnforth shed on 7th May 1967. What might have been the reason for this? Was it stored at Hellifield with other preserved locos, or maybe en route to Bressingham?



On 17 March 1965, Thundersley reached Hellifield from storage at Derby Works in the company of MR 118 and 158A, all three towed byD7597. During March 1967, it moved from Hellifield to Carnforth in order to have its dome cut down preparatory ti its move to Preston Park. This ensured that it could be towed safely beneath 25 kv catenary en route. On 11 August Thundersley returned from Carnforth to Hellifield, and later, on 19th January 1968, began its transfer to Brighton. (DP:18505)

last updated: 25/04/14