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Q14.01. White Circle and White Diamond Headcode

A recently examined copy of a Real-Photograph postcard (believed pre-war) shows a distant image of an unidentified tender loco (possibly of LSWR origin) displaying the following headcode:- A white diamond on the driver's left and a white circle on the right, both fixed at smokebox level. What company operated this style of headcode and what did it indicate?


Just in case no one else has any further information I will pass on what I know.
A quick search reveals that the SE&CR used a white diamond on black square as one of its headcode 'disks', and the L&SW used white diamond 'disks'. The Midland Railway used diamonds when running over Great Eastern metals. You will know that I don't really 'do' the finer details of the trains themselves, so am quite prepared to accept that the original questioner may already know this or that I haven't understood the question! (PMD:20844)

last updated: 08/04/14