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Q14.02. Withdrawn DMU Coaches.

Coaches 52209 of multiple unit 150209 and 52212 of 150212 were shown in the July 1989 RO as being withdrawn in April 1989. The other two coaches from these units namely 57209 and 57212, still survive., and they currently act as centre coaches of units 150921 and 150927, in service with First Great Western.

The March 1988 RO says that on 15th December 1987 unit 150212 was involved in an accident with an engineer’s crane near Seamer West Signal Box, which presumably accounts for the withdrawal of 52212, but what was the cause of the withdrawal of 52209?



52209 was the leading vehicle of set 150209 working the 22.10 Blackpool North to Liverpool Lime Street on 11th November 1988. The train derailed as it left St Helens Central station and the front of the unit collided heavily with the abutment of a road bridge, crushing the front of the vehicle and killing the driver. The full report can be viewed on the 'Railways Archive' website. (RW:12759)

I found the following on the internet and a link to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) report into the derailment of 150209 which severely damaged coach 52209. 52209 was written off with severe cab damage after derailing and hitting a bridge just outside St. Helens (Shaw St) on a late night Blackpool-Liverpool,unfortunately killing the driver The HSE report is available at: http://www.railwaysarchive.co.uk/documents/HSE_StHelensCentral1988.pdf I do have a photograph (somewhere!) of one of these damaged 150 coaches but it is not to hand and certainly not scanned yet. It was in the works at Derby, presumably awaiting scrapping after assessment. (GC:11925)

According to some old notes I came across 150209 was working a Blackpool North to Liverpool Lime Street service late on the evening of November 11th 1988 when it derailed and struck a bridge shortly after departing from St Helens Central station. The leading vehicle, 52209, was badly damaged and the driver sadly lost his life with 16 passengers receiving injuries. A report of the accident is available to view on www.railwaysarchive.co.uk Unit 150212 was working the 06.18 Scarborough to York service when it struck an engineers crane near Seamer.
Both the damaged DMU vehicles were officially withdrawn from traffic in April 1989 and, after stripping, were disposed of by Vic Berry, Leicester in May 1989. (GV:21540)

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