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Q14.09. LBSCR K Class Moguls at Guildford.

As a young cleaner, a member saw a Billinton K class mogul come into the engine shed at Guildford in the early summer of 1948. It made a great impression not least because of the up and down movement of the driverís seat which was understood to be positioned on top of the steam reversing gear, confirmation of which is requested with details of how this worked and if a common feature of Brighton locos. Also how often would these Brighton engines come to Guildford in 1948? A suggestion of possible dates would be a bonus!

A theory is that it might have been on service during the time of the Farnborough Air Show when BR Eastern Region carriage stock from the Great Eastern area, fitted for Westinghouse air brake working, with Brighton engines filling in usefully on this duty.


last updated: 23/06/14