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Q14.10. GER and MNGR Connections. How did the B12 get to Stratford Works?

At a recent RCTS meeting an undated slide was shown of a B12 4-6-0 from Yarmouth Beach shed at Stratford for repair (which actually turned out to be scrapping). As the MGNR and GER systems were essentially separate how did it get there?

Presumably the Breydon Viaduct to Gorleston was not possible for weight reasons, nor was the tramway from Yarmouth Beach via Yarmouth Quay to Yarmouth Vauxhall possible for weight, clearance and curvature reasons. The connection at North Walsham is perhaps the most obvious, although the connection at Cromer Beach could be used but would the B12 be permitted over the N & S J R line via Mundesley?


last updated: 23/06/14