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Q14.15. Routing of Trains Between Stalybridge and Stockport.

Details are sought of the routing of York to Shrewsbury trains, when between Stalybridge and Stockport.

In August 1976 the routing of the 2250 Shrewsbury to York and the 2150 York to Shrewsbury.

In August and September 1977 and January 1978 the routing of 2150 York to Shrewsbury.



My understanding is that in the late 1970s locomotive hauled trains had to run via the OA & GB Junction - Ashton Moss South Junction - Denton Junction line due to a weak bridge on the direct line from Guide Bridge. The Ashton Moss line was certainly used by Merrymaker trains from West Yorkshire to south west destinations. (KT)

The route in August 1976 of the two trains mentioned (and their weekend equivalents - the 0011 MO Crewe-York (it didn't start from Shrewsbury on Sunday nights), 2205 Sun York-Shrewsbury and 2216 SO York-Crewe) was Denton Junction, Crowthorn Junction and Ashton Moss OAGB Junction.
The following timetable year (covering all the remaining dates your questioner asked about) there were no trains on Saturday and Sunday nights - and the routing for the remaining days was exactly the same as in 1976.

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