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Q14.25. Ex-NSB Di8 Diesels imported for use at SSI, Lackenby.

The RO for December 2011 page 703 advised that GBRf would obtain surplus Bo-Bo centre cab locos from Norway for use at the Lackenby steelworks.

How many were imported and when; what are their identities; and were all put into service - or were some purchased for spares?

[AD 9875]


Answer with some follow up questions
A search of YouTube using the search string "Di8 uk" found a couple of video clips showing the movement of these 10 locos (all in NSB yellow and red livery) through Norway on their way to Teesside. They were moved as two light engine movements, each of 5 locos towed by another Di8. The notes to the clips give the dates and locos as
11/12/2011 Di8 8.715 towing 8 720,8 712,8 717,8 716 and 8.719
30/01/2012 Di8 8.707 towing 8 704,8 718,8 701,8 711 and 8 703
The notes for the second clip state that
8 718 is inoperable due to a fire in 2008 Note that 8.715 and 8.707 remained with CargoNet
There is a photo showing 8.712, 8.717 and 8.720 after loading onto a ship at
According to the Wikipedia page http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSB_Di_8, "Eight of the ten locomotives will be used in revenue service; the other two will be used for parts". The website loks-aus-kiel.de states that 8.711 and 8.718 were "Nutzung als Ersatzteilspender" - use for spare parts.
Searches on various websites, including Flickr, found photos of the other 8 locos working at Teesside Steelworks. At least two have been repainted in red and carry the SSI UK logo; these are numbered 817 and 820 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/46120187@N08/8218013949 (Preview) ), being the former 8.717 and 8.720; I have no information on whether any others have been repainted/re numbered.
There are other photos on Flickr showing 8.702, 8.705?? and 8.708 at Teesside Steelworks, all in NSB grey livery. These must have been further imports after the original 10. When was this and were there others?
Does anyone know which locos are currently in use and whether any of the Di8s have been scrapped (and fed to the blast furnace)? Perhaps someone closer to Teesside can help with this. (RB:5843:DB:16382)

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