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Q14.26. Ex BR Class 14s at Corby.

On 16th August 1973 the Dalescroft Railfans organised a visit to East Anglia by coach. The last port of call was BSC Corby to see the ex BR Class 14s. 9512/44 were noted being used for spares. There were other Class 14s but with BSC numbering. Can anyone give suggestions as to which they could have been?



The IRS Industrial Locomotives 1973 lists the following at BSC Corby Ironstone Quarries: D9529 20, D9552 21, D9515 22, D9510 23, D9520 24, D9533 26, D9542 27, D9547 28, D9551 29, D9539 30, D9544 (dismantled), D9537 32, D9549 33, D9553 34, D9507 35, D9516 36, D9532 37, D9554 38, D9512 (NH:12664)

last updated: 20/05/15